The EB55800 Evaluation Board enables real time code development and evaluation. It supports AT91M55800A. The board consists of an AT91M55800A together with several peripherals.
Key Features

ATMEL AT91M55800A Microcontroller in TQFP176 package with:
High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture
Leader in MIPS/Watt
Embedded ICE (In-Circuit Emulation) with JTAG interface
8K Bytes Internal RAM
Master/Slave SPI Interface
6-Channel 16-bit Timer/Counter
Programmable Watchdog Timer
8-channel 10-bit ADC
2-channel 10-bit DAC
Real-time Clock with On-chip 32 kHz Oscillator
58 Programmable I/O Lines
Advanced Power Management Controller
EB55800 User's Manual
EB55800 Schematic

2MB of 16-bit Flash
512KB of 16-bit SRAM 10nS
128KB SPI Serial DataFlash AT45DB011B
8KB SPI Serial EEPROM AT25640
2KB I 2 C AT24LC16B
Two serial ports
Reset push button
Wake-Up button
Power-on LED
Four user-defined push buttons
Four LEDs
2x32 pin EBI expansion connector
  3x32 pin I/O expansion connector
  20-pin JTAG interface connector

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