Starter Kit with ATMEL AT91SAM9263

JTAG Emulator   Evaluation Board   Software

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   Key Features
For an easy and quick start the package includes:
An Evaluation Board with power supply
A PEEDI debug tool with power supply
Windows CE 6.0 NEW!!!
Eclipse - an open source IDE (screenshot)
GNU Tools (compiler, linker, debugger, etc.)
KaeilOS/OpenEmbedded Distribution NEW!!!
ARM Cross Development Guide
Ronetix-toolset ARM - Windows Installer which includes GNU toolchain (not based on Cygwin), Eclipse + Zylin plug-in
The Evaluation Board consists of a CPU Module and a Base Board:
CPU: AT91SAM9263, 240 MHz ARM926EJ-S
64 MB SDRAM, 32-bit access, 120 MHz Bus Speed
4 MB Parallel Flash, 16-bit access (bootable, see note)
256 MB NAND Flash (bootable, see note)
4 MB Atmel Serial DataFlash (bootable, see note)
4 MB Video Memory on a separate external bus
10/100 MBits Ethernet
Serial number chip DS2401
MMC/SD card slot
Compact Flash socket
Audio Codec
LCD and Touchscreen interface
3.5" LCD Display 320x240 (optional)
5.7" LCD Display 640x480 (optional)
8.0" LCD Display 800x600 (optional)
USB Host and Slave
Product list
Note:PEEDI can easily program Flash, NAND Flash and DataFlash devices using the JTAG interface
AT91SAM9263 Key Features:
- 240 MHz ARM926EJ-S
- DSP Instruction Extensions
- ARM Jazelle Technology
- 16 KB Data Cache
- 16 KB Instruction Cache
- Memory Management Unit
- Dual External Bus Interface
- DMA Controller
- 2D Graphic Accelerator
- CAN Interface
- AC97 Interface
- Embedded ICE
- 32 KB Internal ROM
- 324 balls LFBGA
- Low power, Vcore 1.2V
Download Ronetix-toolset ARM
ARM Cross Development Guide
Linux Install Readme
EB9263 User's Manual
PEEDI User's Manual
Application notes
Eclipse User Guide