PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer
  • fix a problem with PPC440
  • ‘mem test’ – add printing of the failed address
  • PPC440 – fix TLB write
  • NOR Flash: fix a problem when reading CFI on some devices
  • NOR Flash programming – fix performance loss of 20% compared to older firmware releases
  • LPC23xx, LPC24xx – flash size now excludes the boot sector
  • LPC Programming: fix problem when programming buffer is smaller than the erase block.
  • LPC23xx, LPC24xx – fix the problem where when ‘auto erase’ is used, the sectors were erased many times
  • fix the problem where “flash find” doesn’t print the automatically detected family of devices.
  • ‘flash find’ – add printing of supported SPI Flash devices
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for MX66U1G45G

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