PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer
  • add support for STM32F7
  • add support for STM32L41x, STM32L42x, STM32L43x, STM32L44, STM32L45, STM32L46
  • add support for STM32F76/77
  • add support for STM32H7 option bytes programming
  • add support for STM32G05, G06XX, STM32G07, G08XX, STM32G03, G04XX, STM32G0B, G0CXX (not tested)
  • add support for SWD multi-drop
  • add support for Renesas RA2L1
  • add support for Xilinx Virtex-5 PPC440
  • add support for MPC5533 and MPC5534
  • add support for PowerPC P5040
  • add support for ARMv8 CP15 Registers
  • add support for reading 64-bit SPR registers that are not pre-defined
  • TCL: add support for binary shift (“<<“, “>>”)
  • add IDCODE of Xilinx XC5VFX100T
  • add CPUID for MPC8347
  • e5500/e6500 – add support for floating point registers
  • T4240 – fix multicore functionality
  • PPC440 – fix problem with breakpoints when cache is enabled
  • LX2160A – fix problem with step and go
  • add support for Segger RTT
  • NOR Flash: add support for NOR Flash devices with reduced instruction set: S29VS256R
  • NOR Flash: fix bug when 2×16-bit devices with 1K buffer
  • Strata NOR Flash: fix problem with direct programming
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for Raspberry Pi RP2040 (SWD Multi-drop)
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for GigaDevice GD25Q16C
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for GB25Q128E
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for W25Q128JV
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for W25Q16JV-IM*/JM*
  • SPI NOR Flash: add support for MT35XU02G and MT35XU512
  • add NXP FlexSPI support for aarch64 targets
  • SPI Flash Programmer: allow configuring the base address
  • add support for FlexSPI for LX2160A
  • NAND Flash: add fix for K9K8G09U0A
  • NAND Flash programming MPC8313: fix issue when NAND Flash device is connected to CS0.
  • add support for IFC NAND programming in aarch64 mode
  • add support for NAND Flash programming of LS1043A
  • fix bug when dumping NAND Flash to file
  • NAND Flash: add disabling of internal ECC if not ONDIE_ECC is used
  • etc/cortex-m/stm32.cfg: add example of using “mcrc” and “mtest”
  • etc/cortex-m/stm32.cfg: modify INIT_STM32_L4 in order to prevent RESET cycle
  • etc/cortex-m/stm32.cfg: add INIT section for STM32F7
  • etc/cortex-m/stm32.cfg:
      – add init for SWO
      – add TCL example for binary shift (“<<“, “>>”)
  • etc/powerpc/mpc8313.cfg: modify CORE0_RCW
  • etc/cortex-a/ls1043a.cfg: add a comment about SW3[3]
  • etc/arm7/at91sam7.cfg: remove CORE0_BREAK_PATTERN
  • etc/powerpc/t4240.cfg: add additional cores
  • STM32 – fix bug when partial programming
  • add STM32 Boundary scan TAP of STM32L412
  • STM32L4 option byte programming: fix help
  • STM32F7: fix problem with sector erasing
  • Flash program: fix reporting address when flash programming error
  • CLI: “info breakpoint” – fix printing of 64-bit breakpoint as 32-bit
  • CLI: add “amp z”
  • CLI: “flash read” – show printable characters in ASCII
  • add info message which RESET type is used
  • gdb remote – add support for memory regions

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