PEEDI – JTAG/SWD/BDM Flash Programmer

The JTAG/BDM/SWD Flash Programmer is a solution that enables you to program on-board and on-chip FLASH devices on ARM/Cortex, Power Architecture, ColdFire, Blackfin, MIPS32, MIPS64, AVR32 processor cores via the JTAG/BDM/SWD port.

$ 1,400

The PEEDI Flash Programmer is a lite version of the PEEDI Emulator and Flash Programmer.
The difference is that PEEDI Flash Programmer can’t be used for source level debugging – it doesn’t have debugger support.

The PEEDI Flash Programmer can accept commands in a console while in development or work in standalone mode in the production line. It can program up to four target devices, but in this case a multi-core license is needed.

A PEEDI Flash Programmer can be any time upgraded to PEEDI Emulator and Flash Programmer.

PEEDI – JTAG/SWD/BDM Emulator and Flash Programmer