PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer
  • TMS570 – fix the problem when agent workspace is smaller then the flash sector
  • – fixed probem when connecting to an ARMv8 core
    – add support for LX2160A including overriding of RCW_SRC and RCW1..32
  • LS1021A – add support for NOR Flash programming
  • add functionality to program and erase NOR Flash on PEEDI.
    This is used for updating of bootloader RedBoot.
  • add posibility to use ‘config file.cfg’ without full path.
    If the path is missing, then ‘server_ip’ defined in RedBoot is used.
  • “flash info” – modify to show the “flash multi” commands only when more than one core are defined
  • fix bug when sometimes PEEDI freezes when no LAN cable is connected
  • NAND Flash Programming on i.MX25, i.MX27, i.MX31 – add support for devices with more than 64 bytes spare data
  • EEPROM file system – add error message when file name is too long
  • fix bug where PXA255 DIRECT programming doesn’t work
  • TMS570 programming: add possibility to advice flash base address. Used when SRAM and FLASH are swapped.
  • fix i.MX8M problem where power fail was not detect
  • fix CORTEX-M regress bug where 8-bit and 16-bit memory access failed

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