PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer
  • Implement simple TCL interpreter, see example stm32.cfg
  • SPI Flash: add support for MX25U51245G
  • SPI Flash: add support for IS25LP256D and IS25WP256D
  • Add Flash programming support for STM32H7
  • Cortex-M – fix bug where VECTRESET was used by default for Cortex-M0
  • MPC83xx, MPC52xx – fix bug where RCW were override with -1 when not defined in cfg file
  • PowerPC – fix bug where “reset run” doesn’t work on MPC8308
  • i.MX8M – add support for eMMC/SD programming
  • PowerPC – fix bug where “reset stop XXX” doesn’t work.
  • Renesas RA4M3 – implement partial and unaligned programming
  • Add configuration file powerpc/t2080.cfg

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