SAMA5D3x-CM – CPU Module with ATMEL SAMA5D3 series

  • 536MHz ARM® Cortex™-A5
  • ARM v7-A Thumb2® Instruction Set
  • Virtual Memory System Architecture (VMSA)
  • 32 KiB Data Cache
  • 32 KiB Instruction Cache
  • Memory Management Unit
  • Floating Point Unit
  • External Bus Interface
  • Image Sensor Interface
  • DMA Controller
  • DDR2 Interface
  • Embedded ICE
  • 128 KiB Internal SRAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 324 balls BGA
  • Low power, Vcore 1.2V

Hardware features:

  • MCU: ATSAMA5D3 series, 536 MHz ARM® Cortex™-A5 ARM v7-A Thumb2® processor @ 1.2V
  • 512 MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 32-bit
  • 256 MiB NAND Flash (see note)
  • 16 MiB NOR Flash
  • 4 MiB Atmel SPI Flash
  • 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet
  • One Wire 1024-bits EEPROM and 64-bits ROM
  • SO-DIMM 200 JEDEC MO-274 module (67.6x40mm)

Note: PEEDI can easily program NOR Flash, NAND Flash JFFS2 images and SPI Flash devices using the JTAG interface

Programming instructions: SAMA5D3x_PEEDI_Programming.pdf

Linux Software:
The page provides the latest information for Linux related software on this MPU series.

Building YOCTO for SAMA5Dx-CM

Part numbers

  • SAMA5D33-CM – populated with ATSAMA5D33
  • SAMA5D35-CM – populated with ATSAMA5D35
  • SAMA5D31-CM – populated with ATSAMA5D31
  • SAMA5D34-CM – populated with ATSAMA5D34
  • SAMA5D36-CM – populated with ATSAMA5D36

Optional features:

  • Industrial temperature range
  • 256MiB instead of 512MiB
  • No PHY
  • No NOR
  • NAND Flash – 1 GiB

ATSAMA5D3x MPU series specific features

Features SAMA5D33 SAMA5D35 SAMA5D34 SAMA5D31 SAMA5D36
CAN0, CAN1 y y y
EMAC (RMII) y y y
GMAC (RGMII) y y y y
LCD y y y y
HSMCI2 y y y y
UART0 y y y
UART1 y y y
Timer Counter 1 (TC1) y y


🗎 Schematics and PCB documents

🗎 SAMA5D3x-EK User Guide

🗎 Linux install – getting started

🗎 Linux install – building components instructions

🗎 ARM Linux gcc cross compiler for Cortex-A devices

🗎 Application notes

Development Tools

Starter Kit for SAMA5D3x-CM
PEEDI JTAG Emulator and Flash Programmer capable to program in standalone mode NOR Flash devices, NAND Flash devices with JFFS2 image or bootloader, SPI Flash devices.